Why Innerspace

Most people are not aware that they have an inner space. 

Innerspace was created to support people who all want to live with purpose, clarity and joy, and organizations who want to build supportive cultures of excellence and performance, where staff are engaged and happy to come into work each day. In our complex world this is challenged by the blurred line between home and work, the Formula 1 pace of life and distraction created by the attention economy. The result is an epidemic of stress that manifests as overwhelm and more serious mental and physical health issues. 

Innerspace takes people and organizations on an inward journey through modern mindfulness - based teachings, practises and strategies that build resilience, increase awareness and enhance presence so that they can shift from surviving to thriving in today's world. 

All Innerspace teachers are experts in training in mindfulness and compassion and as former business and government professionals we bring our own lived experience to our teachings.  Innerspace Founder Scheherzade van Aarle is also thrilled to be Ottawa's first and only certified teacher of the globally renowned Search Inside Yourself leadership program, tdeveloped at Google and grounded in neuroscience. Through hands-on experiential learning in workshops, programming and speaking, we guide our clients through proven secular mindfulness and emotional intelligence based skills to build resilience in a deeply transformative experience. 

Our purpose is to inspire our clients into their inner space to empower them to live and lead with greater awareness, insight, purpose, connection, joy and peace.