We all have the capacity to live with purpose and happiness while also performing at our highest potential both in our personal and professional lives. However this can be a challenge in our modern lives that is characterized has created an epidemic of stress that manifests in mental and physical health challenges, and a sense of overwhelm. 

Using the outcomes-based practices of mindfulness and meditation, compassion, emotional intelligence and resilience, Innerspace helps individuals and organizations develop the skills to increase focus, flow and performance,

release stress, improve connection and overall well-being.  Through keynote talks, workshops and one-to-one sessions, Innerspace experts help people tap into their own inner space to show up in life as their best and most authentic selves. 

Innerspace has helped leaders in Canada's Parliament, executives in Canada's federal public service, the high-tech sector, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) Canada and the Refugee supporting sector, to name a few



Innerspace was founded by Scheherzade van Aarle, a trained Economist with a successful career with the Government of Canada spanning over two decades. She understands firsthand the challenges of the fast -paced corporate world. Having heard about the benefits ofmindfulness, Scheherzade started meditating for better performance at work and to help manage the challenges of "work life balance". She started slowly, 

working with teachers and attending retreats. Soon she noticed that while the pace of life hadn’t slowed, she felt less stressed, more resilient and happier. Her relationships improved and she was more present as a parent. At work she was more focussed and life felt more spacious. Then "the full catastrophe" of life happened, as it does. 

In rapid succession she lost her my father, had a boarding accident which left her with a debilitating head injury, and then received a cancer diagnosis. During this challenging period she leaned heavily on her mindfulness practise and she learnt that living our best lives, even when faced with challenges, is also about nourishing our bodies, hearts and minds with awareness, love and compassion. She believes that her time spent on the cushion saved her life - both mentally and physically.  Now through meditation she practises "work - life harmony"  to feel calm and in flow, no matter how busy or challenging life gets. 

Scheherzade now teaches mindfulness and meditation skills to people from all walks of life. She has also supported politicians in the Canadian Parliament, executives with Canada's public service, the high-tech sector and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and the high-tech sector.  

She is a trained teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion (University of California San Diego), and the Google-born, neuroscience-based Search Inside Yourself Leadership program.

Her practise is ongoing and she studies many teachers the wisest, she says, is her 11 year old daughter who reminds her again and again that experiencing each moment of this precious life is the real practise.