Why Innerspace

Forward thinking leaders and organizations understand that personal and professional success in our complex and uncertain world begins by going inwards. Innerspace Mindfulness take our clients on an inward exploration and from there we teach them the mindsets and skills  to cultivate awareness, clarity, resilience and a grounded presence that are needed to thrive in today's world.  

Our unique approach combines mindfulness and compassion- based theory and practices with emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Our solutions are grounded in neuroscience with proven positive outcomes for performance, stress reduction and overall well-being. Through transformational programs we equip our clients with practical and accessible tools and strategies that support their high performance and well-being.


We  build mentally healthy and "human" workplace cultures. Our program participants feel a greater connection with each other and s fully engaged in their work .

Our purpose is to help our clients thrive and live their best professional and personal lives with clarity, presence and connection. 

Our mission is support  mindful leaders who build a peaceful world and a healthy planet  by supporting the development of mindful leaders.