Scheherzade van Aarle 

As a former "big- thinker' with the Government of Canada for over two decades I did very rewarding work making the world a better place.  I was also part of a culture that rewarded a frenetic and unforgiving pace that left me stressed-out and depleted, yet striving for 'more' to be happy (or so I thought). That's when I turned to mindfulness meditation.


With practise mindfulness meditation has helped me shift into living in the present moment with clarity , insight , happiness and a sense of connection. Mindfulness has also supported me in  building the personal resilience to navigate and even experience growth through personal setbacks  (including cancer, multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury) and failures.  I founded Innerspace Mindfulness to share what I have learnt and help high achievers and leaders access the transformative benefits of mindfulness and meditation  for emotional well-being and happiness. 

I live in Ottawa, Canada. My favourite thing to do is hang out with my teen daughter who is also my best teacher, reminding me that being awake for each moment of this one life is the real meditation practise.