Innerspace Founder
Scheherzade van Aarle 

Scheherzade started practising mindfulness and meditation to enhance her performance at work. At work she experienced better focus, less stress  and more 'flow" but what kept her coming back were the unexpected benefits such as an increased capacity to connect with others, being motivated by self-compassion, greater presence as a parent and simply feeling happier in the now. She also credits mindfulness and meditation with building the resilience that helped her bounce back and adapt following life's inevitable curveballs including a debilitating head injury, a cancer diagnosis and the loss of a parent (in rapid succession).

Following a 20 year + career with the Government of Canada and with 10 years of mindfulness experience, Scheherzade is now a dedicated teacher of mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence  Innerspace was founded to help anyone who is ready to go inwards and tap into their own innate greatness through mindfulness and meditation. She teaches in a style that makes complex concepts more  accessible, practical and even fun. 

Scheherzade  serves as the mindfulness and wellbeing expert on the APEX Leadership Symposium. She is also Ottawa's first and only Certified Teacher of the Google-born neuroscience-based world -renowned Search Inside Yourself leadership program. She is also a trained teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion (University of California San Diego).

In community Scheherzade hosts an annual mass mindfulness meditation for the UN's International Day of Peace which made the front page of the Globe and Mail. She also teaches a weekly mindfulness session to support women at every stage of their own experience with cancer.  

Scheherzade is always learning and practising with her many teachers. "The wisest one " she says "is my 12 year old daughter who reminds time and time again that being awake to each moment of this one precious life is the real meditation practise". 

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