Fierce Self-Compassion 

In tough times when you are faced with tough decisions, even the most effective leaders can experience self-doubt and overwhelm. To prevent paralysis from kicking in and  o stay motivated  and energized to take action, leaders need self-compassion.

Ever expanding research has shown that practicing self-compassion promotes emotional intelligence and resilience and a growth mindset. It also increases your capacity to relate wholeheartedly related to others with compassion,  forgive when needed, act with greater integrity and be more authentic, all which make you more effective as a leader. Self-compassion is also strongly associated with less anxiety, depression, and stress; maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise; and satisfying personal relationships.


A key finding is that self-compassion also acts as an antidote to self-criticism which can be a debilitating trait for leaders. In contrast to the voice of the inner critic, self-compassion motivates you to accept failure and set-backs and find other solutions, thereby increasing your chances of achieving your goals. 


Self-compassion is easier than you think but it takes practise to experience these benefits. In this 4 week Program you will learn evidence-based practices grounded in neuroscience with proven outcomes. You will learn how to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life (which will rewire your brain to default to self-compassion when needed) 

  • Understand the empirically-supported benefits of self-compassion

  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than self-criticism so that you can reach your goals 

  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Transform challenging relationships, old and new

  • Practice the art of savouring and self-appreciation

Mindful Self-compassion is regularly taught to first responders in the health care sector to help them avoid burnout and stay motivated and energized. It has been taught at Canada's Department of Public Safety and has been integrated into the leadership curriculum of the University of California (San Diego) School of Management.