Select Engagements

Inspired and energized talks and keynotes delivered by Scheherzade van Aarle at conferences, executive learning events and in support of community initiatives. 

UNHCR Canada (Museum of History, Ottawa 2019): Mindfulness Workshop for the UNHCR Canada team retreat 

APEX Leadership Symposium (Shaw Centre, Ottawa) Mindfulness for Leadership & Leading with Compassion (2019). Wisdom at Work (2018) 

The Kindness of Strangers - Refugee613 fundraiser (National Arts Centre Ottawa 2018) What's mindfulness got to do with it? 

Government of Canada's Inclusiveness Symposium (ISED - Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada, Ottawa 2017) Mindfulness for Big Thinkers: Mindfulness for Inclusion, Innovation and Happiness 

A Mindful Society Conference (University of Toronto, Toronto 2017): Mindfulness and the Feds - Challenges and Opportunities 

A Mindful Leader Symposium (Museum of Nature, Ottawa 2016). Exploring mindfulness in Public Policy