21 Day "Mind Warrior - RISE" Practice

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Congratulations on completing the "Mindful Wellbeing for Today's Reality" Workshop and welcome to the 21 Day "Mind-Warrior - RISE" Practice. During these 21 days you will explore your inner space with the attitude of a peaceful warrior and courageously build the neural pathways in your brain that will help you R.I.S.E . - be Resilient/Rested, Impactful/Intentional, Successful/Soulful and Evolving/Energized . Your Practice supports you in being - well. Making time to integrate and practice what you learnt is a key piece to developing mindfulness-based wellbeing. To support this, we are recommending daily dedicated and integrated practices that will help you put what you learned into action. Each day we'll give you a short dedicated practice (or guided meditation), an integrated practice, and a question or two to reflect on, which you can either use for journaling or just to think about after you've completed the practice. Enjoy your inner space adventure!

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Scheherzade van Aarle

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