Meet our Founder Scheherzade (Sher) Rana
Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Coach,
Speaker, Solo Mom

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Hi. I am so glad you are here. Here's a little about my own mindfulness story. 

I first came to mindfulness when I was working as a strategist with the Government of Canada. It was a time when I was addicted to being busy, always striving for the next win and always on the verge of burnout. I was an unlikely candidate for meditation but when people I admired like Steve Jobs, J.Lo and too many athletes to name, started to share how meditation had transformed their lives, I started to practice.  I admit that it was painful at first but the benefits soon began to manifest . As I learnt how to focus my attention my  stress levels dropped, relationships improved and my performance elevated. I learnt that paying attention to my life in the moment matters because what what you are paying attention to IS your life.

Mindfulness is a practice and I will always be a student. I continue to expand into the heart with mindful self- compassion practice in-particular has carried me through many setbacks - multiple-concussion, a debilitating traumatic brain injury, a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and ending a long relationship. It has given me the courage to rise in this world and begin again and again. It continues to rewire my brain through the magic of neuroplasticity and heal from the chronic post-concussion messiness that I live with. Mindfulness continues to help me embrace the struggles wth love and enjoy the ride no matter what life throws at me. "No Mud. No Lotus" (a saying by the world teacher Thich Naht Hanh ) that I always come back to and is why you see a lot of lotus flowers here.  

I grew up across 4 continents (and 8 schools) and always struggled with a sense of belonging. With mindfulness I came home to myself, connecting my own truth and purpose. I belong wherever I am. Most recently, and unexpectedly mindfulness has helped me grieve a lifetime of racial discrimination and release the anger and sadness from my body. Mindfulness always brings me back to peace. 

My experience with mindfulness is that it is the  "how to" of  becoming your highest self and serving the with your own brand of magnificence. I have trained under many mindfulness masters and hold multiple teacher certifications. I am privileged to share what I have learnt and I love doing it. I hope that we get the opportunity to practice together because as I know, no amount of strategy can teach you this. 

Mindfully Yours, 


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