Hi. I'm Scheherzade
(my friends call me Sher)

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Growing up across four continents I had to be tough and adapt to a lot of change and uncertainty. I was always committed to the well-being of others whether it was a the defender of the "weaker" kids who in the schoolyard or marginalized people globally.  I am descended from the Rajput warriors of India and my late father was a diplomat and a boxing champ. So I know where the warrior mindset came from.  

I studied Economics and committed to helping others through a career with the Government of Canada.  My rebellious nature helped me find innovative solutions to problems and climb up the ladder fast. But while the work was always rewarding, I found myself in high performance cultures where "work above all else"  was rewarded and well-being was discounted. Because this went against my own values I became disconnected and unhappy. This is when I decided to take charge of my own emotional well-being with mindfulness meditation.  


I won't lie. Exploring my inner space was tough at first. But when the benefits started to show up, I kept coming back to it. I became more connected as a parent, a friend and colleague. And I was more focussed which freed up more energy My work flowed and performance improved.


Becoming a Mind Warrior...

What I never expected to happen is for mindfulness to transform my life through major setbacks. A debilitating traumatic brain injury introduced me to neuroplasticity - the finding that the  neural pathways of the brain are malleable. So just like I could train my body in the gym, I could also "train my brain" and strengthen the pathways that support greater focus and executive functioning, and reduce the overwhelm. This is when I became a mind warrior - spending days, months practicing mindfulness as mental fitness to rebuild my brain. When life-threatening cancer struck I was ready to fight with fierce self-compassion. I survived and came back even stronger. 

Getting unfiltered  ...

With time, and a lot of inner exploration, I have gained a deep sense freedom and confidence. This is what I call getting unfiltered.

It is about connecting to who you really. It is about discovering your deeper truth, your values, your strengths and purpose.It is about getting intentional about what makes you happy. 


Getting unfiltered is how I made the transition to become a mindfulness coach, keynote speaker and unlikely meditation teacher. It is definitely a practice. 

I have taught hundreds of professionals the mindfulness-based skills that I know are transformative. I love seeing people awaken and shift from autopilot to awareness  get unfiltered and build the mental skills that help them rise and thrive through adversity.  And when one person rises, there is a ripple effect that also lifts up others and the world along the way. 

Professional Experience 

I am a trained teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion from the University of California (San Diego) Centre for Mindfulness (in the School of Medicine). I am also Ottawa's only certified teacher of the Google-born leadership program through the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (San Francisco California). This involved rigorous study in neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  I am also a member of the Institute for Mindfulness in Organizations. 

I have been featured as the mindfulness expert at the APEX Leadership Summit where I curated a mindfulness and compassion learning stream, and was also a speaker. I have also served as a panelist and keynote speaker at many high profile events and conferences. I also brought mindfulness and meditation to politicians in the Canadian Parliament. You can see more of my  clients and the nice things they say about me here


In community I hosted Canada's largest mass mindfulness meditation on Parliament Hill (Ottawa) which was featured on front page of the national Globe and Mail newspaper. I was cited in the Canadian House of Commons for my work.