What: Mass mindfulness meditation in the name of peace on United Nations International Day of Peace

(“Peace Day”). The UN’s theme for Peace Day 2019 is “Climate Action for Peace” ahead of the UN Climate Summit on September 23rd.

Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada 

When: Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2019 at 10:00 - 11:30 am

Who: For everyone. Family programming including yoga/mindful movement and embodied dance is also included.

Why:  At the individual level, mindfulness meditation is an important skill to experience the present moment and cultivate inner peace. At the collective level it allows us to experience interconnectedness and create world peace.

This is a free event but please Register here. You can also see our Facebook posts and follow us on Instagram for the latest Peace Day info. 

Join millions around the world to support Peace Day as we gather on Parliament Hill for a big sit to take a big stand. 



Peace Day prompts us to question ourselves on how we can achieve peace in the world. One way the Founder of Peace Day Ottawa, Scheherzade Van Aarle, has found can change the world and open our minds to possibilities never before imagined, is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness allows for stillness. It allows for minds to open and expand. It allows for ideas and innovation.  It allows for connection and unity between people. It allows for peace. On an individual and societal level. With federal elections around the corner where divisiveness on key issues can make people feel isolated and at war with ideas and opinions. With the Amazon burning down and our environment facing undeniable threats, we must come together. In unity. For peace.

Peace Day 2019 gives space for hundreds of people to come together on the physical stage of decision-making in Canada in meditation to make space for peace – even for just a few hours. A few hours can make a difference.  It’s by coming together in unity that you form community.  It’s about taking action together for a  healthy and peaceful planet. And when enough people sit together for the right thing then change is possible. Since 2017, every September, hundreds have formed community on Parliament Hill in the name of Peace. In 2019, we are growing.

The more people that show up, the closer we get to our common goal – PEACE.