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Our Services

What we do 

Mindfulness-based Programs and Workshops
(Corporate and Public)

Through mindfulness-based experiences we equip individuals,leaders teams and organizations with the skills, habits and mindsets for professional and personal development and transformational growth and fulfillment. 


Using a proven methodology grounded in neuroscience we are proud to deliver our RISE Program customized for well-being, performance, resilience and inclusion. We offer the world-renowned Google - born Search Inside Yourself (SIY) leadership program for emotional intelligence. And we bring the powerful Mindful Sell- Compassion, practiced by first responders and health care workers, to the public. 


Keynotes and Talks

Sher delivers inspirational keynotes and talks on mindfulness, meditation and mindset topics. She has spoken at  the APEX Leadership Symposium, the Government of Canada's Inclusiveness Symposium, the Mindful Leader Symposium and the Mindfulness in Society Conference, amongst others. 

See more of Sher's speaking engagements here.



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