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Keynotes and Talks  

Inspired and energized talks delivered by Scheherzade "Sher" Rana at conferences, executive learning events and in support of community. 

Mindfulness and Inclusive Leadership - University of Toronto (OISE Leadership Series)

Mindfulness for Leadership. Leading with Compassion. Wisdom at Work - APEX Leadership Symposium (Shaw Centre, Ottawa)

What's mindfulness got to do with it? - The Kindness of Strangers - Refugee613 Gala (National Arts Centre, Ottawa)

Mindfulness for Big Thinkers: Mindfulness for Inclusion, Innovation and Happiness  - Government of Canada's Inclusiveness Symposium (Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada, Ottawa)

Mindfulness and the Feds - Challenges and Opportunities  - A Mindful Society Conference (University of Toronto) 

Opportunities for Mindfulness in Public Policy - Mindful Leader Symposium (Museum of Nature, Ottawa).

To book Sher please provide us with the details of your event.

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