Nice things clients say... 

Renée Sauvé-Lemieux, Senior Secretary UNHCR Canada

"Scheherzade provided our staff retreat with an insightful and practical session which combined theory and practises that both energized and centred our group. I would recommend her for any workplace, social or personal event. Great work. Thank-you for sharing your knowledge with us!"

"Learning to approach my work with mindfulness, focus and compassion has made me more efficient, effective, and—perhaps most importantly—calm in the face of increasing pressure and demands". 

Jean-Nicolas Beuze, Representative of the United Nations High Commission or Refugees (UNHCR) Canada 

"A much needed time to reflect on myself and the others that will help me navigate better my reaction to well-known triggers."

Kate - Analyst and Mindful Self-Compassion Program

"Scheherzade’s compassion and humour inspired me to develop my own meditation practice. She’s willing to go into the dark scary places with you and guide you through them. I love being a part of her mindfulness community."

Carly Dybka, Associate Director, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 

"Scheherzade is a masterful instructor who delivered compelling and transformative training to our management team. Her well-rounded program explained the biology driving our emotional responses, offered practical exercises, and taught valuable management techniques. Our management team loved her delivery methods and have yielded immediate gains from her instruction, with some stating that this program should be mandatory for all managers in the Department. (I strongly agree!)

This is not only one of the best things that you can do for yourself as a leader; it also reaps benefits for your employees".