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 We are experienced and certified mindfulness and compassion teachers with a wealth of background in business and government. leadership. We were also big thinking high achievers and we understand the challenges that you face in your personal and professional lives such as work-life integration, managing stress and managing your people. T


To meet these today's challenges leaders need to have courage, energy, grit and adaptive resilience alongside focus, clarity and calm. They also need to authentically lead their people with empathy and compassion to build the connection for effective teaming.  We equip leaders, teams and organizations with the mindfulness-based behaviours, mental habits and practices to develop these skills. Our programs take a deep dive inwards into complex subject matter but we bring it to you in a way that is accessible and practical  with tools that you can start applying straight away. 

In this way our Programs help build a corporate culture that supports wellbeing and high-performance.  

“Our management team loved Scher's delivery methods and have yielded immediate gains from her instruction, with some stating that this course should be mandatory for all managers in the Department.

(I strongly agree!)”
                                                   Government of Canada executive