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The RISE Program

Mental Well-being. Resilience. Performance. 


RISE is a mental fitness program that takes you inward to shift you out of autopilot and into awareness and insight so that you can build the mental strength and personal resilience that you need for sustained performance in our uncertain world.  This is the "how-to" of mental well-being. 


In RISE we guide you inward through the four R.I.S.E. milestones. You will learn how to :

  • RESET for greater focus, calm and clarity,

  • Generate IMPACT by building the mental pathways that equip you to make wise decisions and respond to situations with discernment and better emotional regulation, 

  • SUCCEED even in the face of adversity by accessing courage and compassion for greater resilience, creativity and achieving your goals, and, 

  • ENERGIZE through greater connection and collaboration.

The RISE program is for high performing individuals,  teams and organizations who understand that emotional well-being is the cornerstone of performance. 


The RISE Program is a transformative experience that is delivered as a 6 week program virtually or in person. The Program can also be delivered as 1 day retreat or 1/2 day workshop. RISE is a multi-media experience that includes live weekly group sessions that deliver proven, practical and accessible skills, tools and techniques that you can apply straight away. It also includes weekly "office hours" for personalized support, digital resources, weekly emails with practises and exercises, and pre/post training surveys.

Ready to RISE and meet the challenges of our times? 

Through mindfulness-based experiential learning including our signature RISE program, workshops, keynotes, and retreats, we equip leaders and their teams with the skills, tools, techniques and mental habits for emotional well-being, resilience, and real inclusion. 

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Google - born
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training


Born at Google, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training program. SIY integrates neuroscience-backed teaching with interactive practices for you to learn how to become a more mindful and emotionally intelligent (EI) leader.  You will learn the four empirically based skill sets of EI, all of which are practical and accessible, measurable, and observable.

SIY consists of approximately one-third content and two-thirds experiential exercises.  It is a  ½ -day to two day highly interactive training also available in virtual formatting over 4 - 6 weeks. 

SIY has been taught in over 150 organizations across 50 countries.  It is research-based with proven positive outcomes for stress-reduction, focus and performance.

To learn more about the Search Inside Yourself leadership Program:  

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Keynotes and Workshops 

Sher delivers keynotes, talks and workshops on any Innerspace Mindfulness topics. We curate this content to meet your specific needs.


Topics include: 

  • RISE Mindful Wellbeing for Performance in Our New Reality

  • How to Really Build Inclusion..Instead of Ticking The Box 

  • Discover the secret sauce of elite leadership...Fierce Self-Compassion

  • She is energizing, engaging, and inspiring. Check our some of her speaking events.  

    To book Sher for your next event tell us more: